Hula Hoop Spring Wreath

Any excuse to add a new piece to my home decor is right up my alley, and with spring right around the corner, it was a good reason to do just that. With this project, I went BIG! I created a fun, fresh, and cheery spring wreath made of faux flowers and used a plastic hula hoop as the form.

Time: 1 HoursCost: $30Difficulty: Easy
  • hula hoop spring wreath


- Hula Hoop

- Faux Flowers

- Faux Greenery Garland

- Scissors or Wire Cutters

- Floral Wire

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 1: Wrap your hula hoop with the greenery garland.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 2: Cut a large amount of floral wire and wind it around your greenery to secure it tightly to the hula hoop.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 3: Place your faux flowers within the greenery.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 4: Secure the flowers tightly to the hula hoop with your floral wire.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 5: Continue placing your faux flowers around the hoop, securing them with floral wire as you go.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 6: Add spring buds, twigs and foliage to add another dimension to the wreath.

  • hula hoop spring wreath

Step 7: Hang your beautiful spring wreath in an area with a lot of open space, or hang from a ceiling or in front of a bay window for all to enjoy!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Hula Hoop  (Target)
  • Faux Flowers  (Michaels)
  • Faux Greenery Garland  (Michaels)
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