Why do all my projects develop into multiple projects?

I start to do one thing and in order to do that I have to do so many other things to get there and sometimes that first project never gets done....
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  • Napakin Napakin on Mar 19, 2017
    Ha! Same story here! I make myself nutso with all my project ideas. Instead of making boxes of time for projects, I am trying to think of time as a flowing, and wherever it takes me to, just gets me closer to the ONE thing, which eventually hits the top of my Want to do list. It's all good, and progressive, so you "get there", and accomplish so much on the journey! Give yourself a hug for trying!

  • Too funny! That happens to lots of people, including me. Just go with it, creative, project minded people are fun! Eventually the project gets done, it is not a race! As Napakin says, enjoy the journey! ☺

  • Patty Patty on Mar 23, 2017
    Haha I do this all the time. I have often thought I have ADHD because I can't stay focused on what I started out to do and I look around and I have a mess and one project barely started. Don't beat yourself up I think we all do that at times.

  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on May 05, 2017
    You are singing to the choir! I go from feeling a little bit stressed and chaotic to euphoric and excited about all that I wanted to do. I just read up idea that would help you if you were willing to do what is suggested. I'm a very general way, it talks about staying on task by allowing a certain number of minutes to work on the task (without changing activities or Focus) and then taking a break that equates to a certain number of minutes. This allows you the time to let your creative brain work and also stay on task. I've just started to to do it and it is a work in progress, but it does make me have a personal awareness... if I am starting to get distracted or move on to another pile of stuff or project. So, for example, dependent upon your circumstances and personal abilities... you may want to keep it very simple and do 20 minutes of work and a five minute break. But you have to be able to adhere yourself to the timer with your stopping and starting. it will not become a habit....AND I am certain you will get off task and unfocused. I do. I'm speculating got the thinking, especially for Creative people or people that are easily distracted, is that if we are diligent with this day after day for several weeks two months, we will feel less chaotic and get more done, in less time. And we all learn from consequences so the consequence of this is actually not negative, it's a reward a feeling productive and less chaotic and that should show in your work and the products that you create and finish, overtime. I hope that makes sense. Some people do 45 minutes focused work,with a ten minute break and that allows for incidentals that come up for you to do along the way throughout your day,as well as letting your creative mind have a little break now and then. It permits your mind to wander and permits you the opportunity physically fiddle with some things that are off task... Like returning phone calls or ordering supplies for another project we're looking something up online. You have to keep them completely separate and adhere to the time it's the only way you can get the wonderful consequence of the reward of your hard work instead of getting nothing done. This should keep you on point with your project, as long as you hold yourself accountable. The only way I've been able to do it this activate the timer on my phone. If I did not do that I could absolutely get distracted and go from Project to project are things around the house, without ever completing one single thing completely to my satisfaction. I'm actually super excited about this process and it does not feel restrictive. I think that I will end up being far more productive, less chaotic mentally and feel like I'm accomplishing for more than I do using my normal method. Of course you can pick a day or two or whatever per week and not be so structured and just feel and not be on a timer. So that you can really let your creator Mojo go without restrictions. That will probably feed your soul that wants to be uninhibited, I get that! I actually feel like I am starting to accomplish things and work towards finishing stuff. It really is so simple but I think that creative people are all up in their heads with thinking and excitement some of the time, that often a simple suggestion and some personal accountability is all we need. So since I'm just starting this myself, I actually have to keep myself on task 2 do the timer for my focus time and for my free time period so for example 45 minutes of focus time and 10 minutes of free time. Right now that's where I need to place my discipline, because all of that was completely unstructured. And that was exactly why I was going off task often. I'm speculating that this will allow progress for me. I'm tired of feeling chaotic and leaving things undone. Exactly as you were stating the problem was, with your question to the forum. We could be twins, LOL. I'm going to do this for one month and I guarantee you, it will be helpful...especially since I am super distractible...just like you! I hope this works for you, as well. Check back in please, if you choose to utilize this idea. See if it helps you keep on task without being too restrictive. I think that's the problem with people who are creative....a restrictive environment. It makes me nuts to feel like I am restricted for hours and hours. It makes me want to avoid any structure. That's why I think these one-on-one off groupings of time will help me. It will nurse my creative Soul as well as the part of me who wants to be productive. Hopefully this will help both of us complete things, as we prefer & in a better time line.🌞 Do check back in and let me know how things worked out for you...or if you have found out somethings that that have helped you "out of your own way" in regard to completion of projects. I would love to hear about it!!!!

  • FL FL on May 05, 2017
    If you put your question to music, it would be the song of my life! I set aside "clean-up" days when I try to knock out at least one thing I have been putting off: a chore, an errand, a phone call, a note or email, etc etc etc. I break up the project into tiny pieces: Example: received a bill for payments (5) I knew I made. Step 1 would be to pull out my old checkbook registers/stubs. Then do something else.copies
    Next step: flip through one checkbook register and note the check # of a payment made. Then do something else. Then step 3, 4, 5 collecting the info from the checkbooks. I continue doing other chores, like washing dishes, watering plants, getting the mail, to break up the chore. By the end of the day I have found proof and emailed the copies of all checks front and back to the biller.
    Slow and steady keeps me from getting overwhelmed. Hope it helps.