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Moss Tree Topiary DIY

Hi Friends! This Spring I am in love with moss. And the stores are filled with all kinds of moss decor. So I just had to do a quick and easy DIY for you. And most of the supplies you will probably already have at home.

Difficulty: Easy

Go ahead and recycle those old flower pots.   And paint them if you want to.

Use a sheet of poster board to build a cone.  Be sure to place your cone inside of the flower pot before you staple it.    You will see how easy it is to make the cone when you watch the video. 

Cut the moss pieces lengthwise and secure them with your hot glue gun to the cone.   Place one of the hollowed moss pieces on the top of the topiary and attach the rest of the pieces from the bottom to the top.   

In the video you will see how I attached the smaller pieces of moss to the cone without using my hot glue gun.   You will also see how I cut the moss pieces into a variety of sizes. 

Brush off all of the little white pieces of Styrofoam when you are completely done.

I just love these tall slender topiaries.  The one in the middle is 23" long and the two smaller ones are 15" long - excluding the flower pots. 

Here is the video.  It also includes a bonus DIY - a moss wreath.    Thank you for watching  and I hope you give this DIY a try. 

Materials used for this project:

  • Moss Floral Decorations   (Dollar Tree)
  • Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun
See all materials

To see more: http://amateurdecoratinglikeapro.com/

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