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Old Lamps to Candlesticks♡

A friend asked me did I want any old lamps some were brass and some wood...if not they are going to the trash  And yes I took them!

Time: 3 Hours Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy

Lamp 1...was wood & cork!

So I took it apart and save the wood the cork was falling apart and to old to keep

Lamp 2 was broken so it too came apart!

The bottom of lamp 2

Top part of lamp 2

And lamps 3 and 4 ....heavy brass are cleaned up and ready to paint  so I had some leftover chalk paint and some antiquing wax and got started  just a little distressing.

So here they are all finished and looking beautiful as my New Candle Sticks

My Friend also gave me an old chandelier that I took the candle cups and crystals off of it and put with them

Having fun with Eve's Saturday Projects

Materials used for this project:

  • Old lamps, chalk paint, antiquing wax,brush, hot glue gunhngh www

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