YES! Choose ME! (hemp Oil Resist, Fushion Paint, Chair Makeover)

A few weeks back I entered a contest for free Fusion Mineral Paint products (collaboration between Fusion and Hometalk). I never win, but you can't win if you don't try , right? I wrote my pertinent info, chose the two products that I'd like to try, and put down what I'd use them on. Then promptly forgot about it. An next thing I know, BAM , there it was.. the email that said I WON! (it's the little things that make me happy, especially if it involves a new product, technique and project!). They sent the products FAST!! I got them in just a couple days. I chose a Fusion Paint color called Algonquin (love the color! I had , a while ago, purchased this in trial size), and HEMP Oil (I was most excited about this...). If you've never used Fusion Paint before, this is the paint that has the top coat 'built in'. It does not require any waxing or top coat. It's the reason I first purchased it , because I am re-doing a very old trunk and frankly did not want to wax the whole darn thing! lol The paint is silky, easy to apply, is very opaque and dries to a really nice sheen. Contrary to the things I read, I found it easy to distress, I just used a heavier grit sandpaper. I think on a modern sleek piece, this paint would be stunning. Just my own thoughts and observations. Since I was planning a three color hemp oil resist (rubs hands together with glee because I've never done a hemp oil resist...) I was a bit concerned about it having the built in top coat. Check out the project to see how it went. : ) The project was a chair re-do. I have a pair of these very heavy, solid wood, sturdy chairs. I named them "the sisters". Why? I have no idea , I'm just like that. I had already re-done one of the sisters (we shall call her sister 1) as a chair for my sewing desk (which is now my vanity......story for another day), the other sat in my basement for over 20 yrs. gathering dust and cobwebs. Where they came from , I have no idea, I inherited them when I got married : ) When I decided to enter the contest, I swear that I heard a little voice over in the corner (from sister 2) saying 'Choose me!'.... and so I did.
So here is sad and forlorn 'sister no. 2'.  She had definitely seen some better days.  She had a crack, needed a little gluing and definitely needed a new finish job!  All in all though, she is still a sturdy girl!
All sanded, cleaned, repaired and ready for her make over!
First up.. I first did a coat of blue chalk paint (which is home made). I watched a bunch of videos on the process and you just kind of slap it on where you want it to eventually show through. Apparently there is no wrong or right in this process.  I did (on another board) do a small area with my three colors to test what it is I wanted to achieve.  For anyone trying this the first time, I'd recommend it.  Here are the things I discovered:1. Paint randomly.  This is not a perfect finish and is not meant to be (hard for me as I'm a bit  fussy and  persnickety. and those that know me are right now rolling their eyes and saying things like "no" .. "not you!".. "really?").2. Use the oil. Unless you are looking for minute wrinkles, put the oil on with a brush liberally. This gives the best 'chippy' effect. It also takes longer to dry :)3. Let it dry before going on to the next step or you could destroy the effect.4. Let it completely dry after all your coats before scraping or sanding.5. Definitely pour the products used into separate containers or you risk contaminating the entire container of both oil and paint. I just used plastic containers that I have saved up.
After the blue dried, I applied the Fusion Hemp Oil with a brush (I just used a cheap chip brush), then immediately applied my next color: Fusion Algonquin! And the jury is in... it resisted beautifully.
After that dried, I again applied Hemp Oil with my brush and applied yet another Fusion color called Champlain (had it for the afore mentioned trunk that is not yet finished). Look at all that chippy-ness!!  Squeeee . Now the impatient part of me must wait until it is all dry to sand down a bit and apply a top coat so it stops chipping (you'll have to scroll down to see what she looked like after sanding).  I sanded with a fine grit (didn't need much, I have seen where some people had to scrape off the paint , but I found it removed very easily).  She was finally getting that 'worn beachy' look I was going for! I used my Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to top coat it.
To make the cushion I used batting I had on hand, and a top of a pan that was the circumference that I wanted.  Drew a circle and cut it out.  Then took my handy dandy left over drop cloth material (from the curtain I made) and made two circles the same size. I then stenciled a compass using chalk paint in red, blue, aqua, grey and tan (Algonquin). Once dried I sewed it all together. I used rope and beads for the ties.
Here are the colors and oil I used for the painting on the chair.Fusion Hemp OilFusion AlgonquinFusion ChamplainHomemade blue chalk paint
And here she is in her new 'updo'!!! I didn't know if I was going to like the chippy effect or not , but I have to say I think she's stunning!!  She belongs on a beach or on some ones deck near the water ....  don't cha think?   I sure had fun doing this project ,  I hope you enjoyed reading about it!
Here you can see the back side with the rope/beaded ties.
and just because , here is sister 1 and sister 2, huge difference : )  They are very much like me and my sister... if we were these chairs .. I'd be the one on the right (I'm fussy and  persnickety remember? LOL).

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion Hemp Oil  (Won it!)
  • Fusion Mineral Paint-Algonquin  (Won it too!)
  • Fusion Mineral Paint-Champlain  (on hand)
See all materials

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3 questions
  • Nette
    on Mar 25, 2017

    I liked the way it looked after you applied the blue chalk paint. No further treatment needed. What's the "homemade" recipe, if you don't mind?
    • Charlee Hunter
      on Mar 26, 2017

      Well honestly blue is not my favorite color and the project had to include the Algonquin fusion paint : ) but thank you for your comments! Of course, it's not my recipe, just one I found on the internet. It is one cup latex paint. I prefer satin. 2 tbs plaster of Paris, one tbs warm water. Mix water with pp until smooth, pour in paint stir until smooth. Keep in air tight container.

  • Judith Laurence
    on Mar 25, 2017

    What was your source on the compass pillow? It looks perfect with your "updone" chair.
  • Tina Francis
    on Apr 7, 2017

    I have a similar chair whose seat cracked. Should I look for a replacement
    seat or repairman?
    • Charlee Hunter
      on Apr 7, 2017

      Well Tina, I guess it depends on how bad the crack is. This was just a small crack that I was able to glue and clamp back together. Even if I had left it 'for character' it would not have detracted from the use of the chair. This is a really hardy chair. The seat is over an inch thick and solid. If yours is the same chair, and the crack is not bad, then I think I would opt to repair it.

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  • Cindy
    on Mar 26, 2017

    Awesome!!! I have three of these chairs, picked them up for a couple dollars each at the local habitat store, and was trying to think of something unique to do with I have an idea!!! Thanks for sharing! These things are so very sturdy compared to the junk they sell now, it is worth the effort to do something with them, thanks again!!😀
  • Jina
    on Apr 20, 2017

    Dear Charlee, congrats on the win! Pretty exciting stuff! And thanks for the very fun And informative post.
    Keep on crafting! Let us see more
    of your projects.
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