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Spring Pond Cleaning

It's that time of year again! the snow is melting and warmer weather is on the horizon. This means its time to start planning your backyard pond and waterfall maintenance. This is crucial for the health of your koi fish and the overall health of your ponds ecosystem.

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A good spring pond cleaning ensures you get the most enjoyment out of your backyard paradise all summer long!
During annual pond maintenance we have the chance to thin out over grown aquatic plants like these cattail.
String Algae is a backyard pond owners worst nightmare. Early we ponds normally experience a bloom but a good pond cleaning can clear up the problem and help prevent future headaches.
Your koi fish and other pond friends health and wellbeing is our number one priority! We inspect all your pond critters to make sure they have endured the winter without any issues.
During a typical spring pond cleaning we lightly power wash the muck and debris off of the rocks and gravel so we can easily remove it. We are not trying to sterilize your backyard pond because you need some of that good stuff to keep your pond healthy and clear.

To see more: http://www.iloveponds.com/water-features/pond-maintenance.html

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