Asked on Mar 24, 2017

Help with ideas for my teardrop caravan interior

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I am completely stumped about the interior... I want it to look cheerful, cosy, fresh and feminine but it needs to withstand many types of weather...
My little dog comes with me, I have to have a toilet and a bed..
I dont want any BLACK!!
The local tile shop has given me old vinyl samples to use for the floor but they are mostly wood grain and I'm not that keen.
The space is 1880 x 1460
I am really excited to ask for help...
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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 24, 2017

    Take a look hear to get you started with ideas.
  • William
    on Mar 25, 2017

    Copy and paste in your browser. Direct links not working.

  • Dfm
    on Mar 25, 2017

    oh cool! my 1st question is how much wt. can the trailer chassis can hold. you do not want to exceed it. gross wt reading is what i think it's called. wt. of camper and supplies.
    next question.. are you really sure you want a toilet in the camper w/ you? do you have enough head room? there are cassette type toilets which should work- but the have to be emptied periodically, and may require chemicals to mask the odors.
    since I'm sensitive to the chemical smell- i use kitty litter in a lined 5 gall bucket called a luggable loo.

    i have used what was sold as a personal shower tent. never took a shower in it-changing room occasionally, commode house usually. would put it beside camper on the non entry side.

    if you have to put a different floor covering down, do use something flexible. and no carpet. you will be spending rainy days inside, so something mud proof.

    if memory serves- sometimes it don't- the kitchen is in the back exterior of the camper, and extra supplies are parked there as well. check the gaskets and seals periodically- keep the bugs and rodents out.

    don't forget extension cords for shore power. check your propane tank regularly if you have one- you don't want it leaking. keep some dish washing detergent and a sm brush handy to check for propane leaking.

    as far as a bed....4 inches firm foam, plus a memory foam topper. in a size that works for you.

    and remember the gross wt readings? distribute the wt evenly across camper.
  • Deb10469581
    on Mar 26, 2017

    Great thanks. I am being very mindful of the kitty litter loo idea..
    As I will only be overnighting or two., it should be ok sans chemicals.
    Thanks for the tips..
  • Cheryl Toth-Nickerson
    Cheryl Toth-Nickerson
    on Mar 27, 2017

    We have a pop up camper. With our camping we have a 5 gal paint bucket with cat litter in it I cut a tube float i.e. to fit the rim. Slice one side slip it on. Makes it easier to sit on pot. Get a pooper scooper used for cats litter box. Makes clean up much easier. Open trash bag and cover the can when not in use. Keeps animals out. You can also line bucket with a trash bag then put litter in that for easy clean up.
  • Deb10469581
    on Mar 27, 2017

    Thanks Cheryl.. I can picture how thus can work for me...
  • Gob7931279
    on Mar 29, 2017

    After you choose your bed size start looking for a bed cover in a color of your choice. Then work from there. Let's use the color yellow. If your bed cover has yellow in it then look for throw pillows, no more than 2. You can put them on your bed when not in use. Choose yellow kitchen towels and bath towels. Then a small fresh fruit bowl. You can fill the bowl with red & yellow apples. When you have small burst of color and no clutter your camper will have a welcome feel for your visitors and for you. Your bed cover should have a design and about 3 colors. Don't fret if there are more colors. Keep frills to a minimum. No bed skirt. Use that space for storage.
  • Deb10469581
    on Mar 29, 2017

    Thanks Gobloodhound.....I have just made a toilet bucket cover in white and yellow spots. This has brightened up the interior and given me a direction..funny that you said yellow!!!!
    Hadnt thought of the bedcover.. I did throw some cushions in but there were too many and the colours DULL so might make some covers for them too...
    Great ideas thanks so much..will start looking for non boring fabric for the bedcover
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