Feeling proud: What do you think of these Lights?

How to upgrade, decorate and inspire not just craft ideas but together with people from a local community helping each other to be more creative, in an environment with all materials and a smile.

e lights alive, Deep filled chocolate cake
Deep filled chocolate cake

e lights alive, Stained glass Jelly Cake
Stained glass Jelly Cake

e lights alive, Glass painting to begin
Glass painting to begin

e lights alive, A de light to most Mother s on a Sunday
A de-light to most Mother's on a Sunday

e lights alive, Design your creative idea
Design your creative idea

e lights alive, Paint script stain inspiration for all
Paint script & stain - inspiration for all

e lights alive, Almost complete
Almost complete

e lights alive, Paint never dries fast
Paint never dries fast

e lights alive, Balloons too
Balloons too

e lights alive, Working out a plan together
Working out a plan together

e lights alive, The OutoftheBox workshop hairdryers
The OutoftheBox workshop & hairdryers

e lights alive, Community craft cake networking
Community craft & cake networking
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