Quick DIY Organising Hacks

How to simplify your life with quick DIY organising hacks - Are you the type of person who has loads of little things lying around with no specific place to put them? I often find that simply giving something a home is the first and most important step to getting organised. It’s not always an easy thing to do though, especially if you have limited storage space. If you need a little inspiration, you can use these simple DIY organizing hacks to get you started!

Easy Cable OrganisingAlmost every time I need a cable for charging a camera, importing photos or tethering my camera I have to dig through a little pile of electronic cables. So while the cables as a whole have a home, the fact that all of their homes are in the exact same place means it still gets messy. By simply giving each little cable its own home in an empty toilet roll, this problem is solved. Decorate the toilet rolls with a strip of wrapping paper, Washi tape or a little hand-drawn design. Write the name of the cable on its new toilet roll home and you have an organised set of cables. No more scratching through the pile!

Mini Handbag StorageEver find yourself scratching through your bag for that little clip that you just KNOW is in there somewhere? You may find everything else that you didn’t even know was deep in your handbag, but just not that clip! One of the easiest DIY hacks, is to place your clips into a small mint container, like a Tic Tac box. Add a little glamour to the container with a simple strip of gold tape.

Or, mini stationery storageUse the exact same method to tidy up your stationery storage for small things like paperclips, thumbtacks or pins.

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