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DIY Decoupage Bird Feeder Planter

Made from recycled materials this bird feeder turned into bright spot in the garden, something the birds LOVE.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $25 Difficulty: Easy

With this project we started with Terra Cotta pots that have sitting around the garden waiting for to do something with them.

Other supplies include fabric swatches, Mod Podge, scissors and later we'll be using some scrap wood and a drill.

Begin by cleaning the exterior of the pot, I should have probably sanded but I didn't and the good news is that it didn't really matter because this project is outside and it's holing up good.

I cut fabric swatches into squares and rectangles then began applying them in a mix match formation directly to the pot.

There really wan't a plan I just wanted to get the main container covered.

I used small clay pots for the bird feeder part. This will be filled with bird seed on days when it isn't raining.

You want to use a screw and bolt to apply and use a manual screw driver because these pots break easy.

I took two pieces of scrap wood making sure that bottom piece fit tight against the walls of the pot and then drilled them together.

The final step with here was to connect the pot to the top piece of the wood. I used lava rock to fill in the base for additional stability and then filled with dirt prior to adding plants.

Adding plants and a few twigs was the perfect touch to welcome the birds into this unique recycled bird feeder planter.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Mod Podge   (Hobby Lobby)

To see more: http://www.gardenupgreen.com/2017/03/diy-decoupage-birdfeeder-planter.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Brenda  S.
    Brenda S. North Brunswick, NJ
    on Mar 28, 2017

    Love it!

  • Pat Westbrook
    Pat Westbrook
    on Mar 30, 2017

    All the seed is going to get wet when it rains .

    • Garden Up Green - Carole
      Garden Up Green - Carole Cooper, TX
      on Mar 30, 2017

      Well we're blessed with a lot of bird activity so keeping it full has been more of chore. I make sure there is no feed in the dishes prior to rain.

  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL
    on Mar 30, 2017

    cool idea

  • Quindaelin
    Quindaelin Canada
    on Mar 30, 2017

    What about squirrels and/ or raccoons - easy picking for them.

  • Nancy Wilson
    Nancy Wilson
    on Mar 30, 2017

    I'm thinking water fountain.....one more level....for the feeder (the drainage plate for the large planter),....then proceed with the design for the water fountain (even without the decoupage you can use paint or stain). Who's good at designing these things? A challenge for sure.

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