Get Trendy Anthropolgie Storage Using a Cake Pan

9 Materials
90 Minutes

I saw a shelf at Anthropologie recently that was made to look as if it was formed from an old cake pan and figured it was a good project I could make myself. I love keeping up with the Anthro trends, but this one wasn't in my budget. So here's what I decided to do!

I got a cake pan and a bit of wood and some fun drawer pulls and made this great looking circle shelf in no time! You can customize your shelf with various drawer pulls or paint finishes to match any room or aesthetic! This cake pan shelf will work in just about any room and makes for a great character piece.


-1x3x4 lumber


-2 Drawer Pulls

-4 1" Wood Screws

-12+" Springform Cake Pan


-Gold Craft Paint (optional)


-Picture Hangers


STEP 1: Remove the bottom of the springform pan and leave the clasp open so the pan is at it's widest point.

STEP 2: Measure the diameter of your cake pan in 2 different spots where you would like your shelves to rest.

STEP 3: Take your measurements from step 2 and draw a line across the lumber at each distance.

Use your hacksaw to cut the pieces away from the wood.

STEP 4: (optional) Place a blot of your paint on a sponge and dab it onto the ring of the cake pan and set aside to dry.

STEP 5: Place your wood pieces into the ring of the cake pan and make sure they are resting level.

STEP 6: Take a drill and drill a pilot hole through the outside of the cake pan into the side of the shelves on each side.

STEP 7: Grab your wood screws and screw through the outside of the cake pan into the shelves to secure them into place.

STEP 8: Drill another pilot hole the size of the thread of your drawer pulls into either side of one of the shelves.

STEP 9: Screw your drawer pulls into the holes you just drilled until they are tightly in place.

STEP 10: Turn your shelf over so the back is facing up and screw picture hangers into the back.

STEP 11: Hang your shelf where you wish.

STEP 12: Fill up your shelves with whatever you wish!

As you can see this works great in the kitchen, as bathroom storage, or even as a nice place to store your sunny's

A very similar cake pan shelf was almost $150 at Anthropologie and I made this one for a small fraction of the price and it looks great to boot!

I love all the character that the handles added. Though you don't need them, they are a fun way to add some character to the piece.

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13 questions
  • Ajm7330159
    on May 13, 2017

    sorry too quick reading (and reacting!) sorry.

  • Cheryl Dudek
    on May 13, 2017

    Could you keep the bottom plate and decorate it with wallpaper or contact paper or even paint it? Then put it back in pan
    • Mcgypsy9
      on May 13, 2017

      I'm going to say yes. But remember You would probably have to put it back in the ring and close it to keep it in there which would make the shelf smaller on the inside. You could glue it to the back but you would still have to close the ring so it fits.
    • Kathy Slimmer
      on May 13, 2017

      I haven't tried this project, but I think you might be able to do that if you cover the back plate, and put it back in place before the measuring, etc. The dimensions would be different with the pan closed. Hmmm...cute idea, I think.
    • Nelly Hennessy
      on May 13, 2017

      Another idea. Why not put a mirror on the back? And as to the shelves, since small and light things are going to be put in, could I glue ( with a strong hold glue) the shelves, and making them not so thick? I am not handy with tools so I try to go "around it". Any suggestions?

    • Janet
      on Aug 30, 2019

      Looking at the photos of her taking measurements for the shelves, the 12" pan ... opened up, was measuring 12 1/2 " for the shelves,but her thumb was over it.

      So it would appear that if you wanted to add a decorative finish to the pan bottom, it would only make the shelf a 1/2 inch smaller and that is a very small amount to worry about. Mine are 11 inches and are perfect.

      So close the clasp and decorate the bottom.

  • Wilma Turcotte
    on May 13, 2017

    Did you put any kind of finish on the shelves or should you or maybe paint them?
    • Shirley Barnett
      on May 13, 2017

      Don't you think that is a matter of preference. Also,maybe that is the way the one she saw was done and she liked it.
    • Kerry Trout
      on May 13, 2017

      I think this is darling, and I have a spring form pan I never use. Thinking I will stain my little shelves like barn wood. Also, if they are painted you could used the old utensil green from the 30s :)
    • Wilma Turcotte
      on May 13, 2017

      Thank you Shirley. I do believe it's a matter of preference and didn't insinuate it to be anything else. I just wanted to know if it could be done or if the wood needed to be protected. It was just a simple question. Great idea Kerry. Think there are many options and that's what I was trying to ask.
    • Cheryl
      on May 14, 2017

      Yes Wilma I agree. I have a graduated set of 3 pans. I plan to put a dark stain on mine to match furniture. Also my pans are silver. I would also put an extra screw on the shelf without the handle to keep it from turning or use a double screw handle.
  • Terry
    on May 13, 2017

    What happened to the cake pan release lever? I don't see it on the finished shelves.
    • Lisa S
      on May 13, 2017

      She positioned it to be on the bottom of the piece, You can see it in the photo on the left, between steps 11 & 12.
    • Steve Bohne
      on Jan 16, 2018

      What idiot would pay $150 for this in the first place?
  • Martha Kaulback
    on May 14, 2017

    I don't understand "optional" step 4. What is the purpose of dabbing a spot of paint on the ring?
    • Kathy R
      on May 15, 2017

      I believe it is to dab it around on the outside part of the pan, not just a spot. It doesn't take much to add just a bit of sparkle. :)
    • Sherry
      on Jan 29, 2018

      I think it's used to mark where to drill 4 holes for the shelves.
    • Donna Cathcart
      on Apr 27, 2018

      I think it's just decorative. A little bling on the edge.

    • Julie Ann Nielsen
      on Apr 27, 2018

      Nope, if you look closely the ring around the top edge that is most visible has been treated with a gold finish. "Dab" was used as a treatment vs a verb. Hope this helps.

    • Joy Beth Woolf Woodhall
      on Apr 27, 2018

      then you better not make it. :) Have a beautiful day.

    • PATTI Gallagher
      on Apr 27, 2018

      Agree totally!

    • Mary M
      on Apr 27, 2018

      Unique. You are talented. This would look nice at my BandB.

  • Alice
    on Jun 19, 2017

    Love it, love it, love it 😍
  • Maria Holguin
    on Apr 27, 2018

    Love it and easy I have a tiny closet and has no shelf's but is hard to put anything g because is kind of V shape into corner .have any advise?

  • Holly Plumb Broyles
    on Apr 27, 2018

    When do you close the clasp?

    • Brenda Haakstad
      on Jun 15, 2018

      In this project you don't close the clasp on the pan itself because the extra size is taken up with the the shelves.

    • Janet
      on Aug 30, 2019

      1/2 inch appears to be all you gain with the clasp opened up.

  • Susan Gotimer
    on Apr 27, 2018

    Can you make shelves tight enough so you don't need screws?

    • Sherry Saddler Chandler
      on Jun 22, 2018

      You can on a shelf at the center or below by cutting shelf ends on an angle. It won’t work on a shelf above the center of the pan.

  • Eroque022810
    on Jun 16, 2018

    Have you thought about putting some clear silicone dots or some felt tiny pads to make pan equally away from wall? Right now in photo it appears to be leaning forward? Just a thought.

    • Teri
      on Jun 2, 2019

      I see what you're saying...must be the little hangers that bring out the top a little. I think silicone dots or a bit of felt would do the trick

    • Janet
      on Aug 30, 2019

      If you are going to use "hangers", put the shelf (that you put the hangers one) a bit forward to compensate for the hangers. That way the shelf will sit flush to the wall.

      Or you can make a small notch in the shelf to seat the hangers, this would the easier way.

      I looked a bit closer and it looks lie she used round head screws, hard to tell. Maybe use flat head screws.

  • Nancy Weldon McEntire
    on Jan 7, 2019

    The pulls in your photos appear to be wood dowels threaded through metal pulls. The link for the pulls are entirely metal. Where did you get the ones with wood?

  • Mi
    on Aug 29, 2019

    How an old cake pan can save you $128 -

    How does this save me $128???

  • Brenda Grover Clark
    on Nov 4, 2019

    I love this idea and want to make a few. I wondered, though, at what point you closed the the latch on the pan? Also, did you glue the latch down or screw it down so that it would not spring open once the shelves were in place?

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  • Lou
    on Aug 29, 2019

    I think this is a very cute idea!!!

    This is YOUR idea/choice; if any of us wants to do it, we can certainly use different pulls, add colour, rustic,,,, whatever!!!

    I would use whatever I have handy. =)

    I may make a few; thank you for sharing!!! It’s a lovely project.

    You Rock!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! 💖

  • JD
    on Feb 1, 2020

    Clever!!!! What a beautiful project✨✨Thank you for sharing. I will be making one for my Mom for Mother’s Day ✨♥️✨✨

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