Feeling Proud: Surprising use for a child size belt!What do you think?

After giving away out daughter's 25 yr old daybed, it was time for an updated look in what was now a guest room we wanted our college age grandson to feel as comfortable in as our grown daughters would. We started wit a new bed with a faux leather headboard, new wall decor as well as new bedding and curtains. The black out curtains needed tiebacks to let light in the room and I simply wasn'thappy with any of the ones I was finding in stores or on the internet. Eventually I started thinking about what I could use that would tie in with the headboard and decided to try a leather belt. I first experimented with the strap from an old purse, but it was neither wide enough or long enough to get four tiebacks from it. I finally purchased four child size leather belts, four D rings and a package of four large Command hooks and . . .

e surprising use for a child size belt

e surprising use for a child size belt
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