What are the advantages/disadvantages of raised beds in the garden?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 28, 2017
  • Janette Jordan Janette Jordan on Mar 30, 2017
    We built raised beds for our vegetable garden and like them. My husband made them tall, so it is easier to work with the plants. The drainage is very good. It is much easier to control weeds. My plants are happy.
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    • Janette Jordan Janette Jordan on Apr 01, 2017
      The sides are corrugated steel roofing material. The soil we used to fill the beds is compost, very loose soil so it drains well.
  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 31, 2017
    love your planting beds!
  • Inetia Inetia on Mar 31, 2017
    They drain better, they warm quicker in the sun, and they if they are tall enough to sit on they save the back and knees.
  • Diane Diane on Apr 01, 2017
    Yes, I agree with all. I just wanted to emphasize the ease of weeding. You are much more likely to pull a couple of weeds at waist level then to bend down and pull them, trust me. Actual planting and caring for your plants is also easier then getting down on your knees. Happy Gardening!

  • Rymea Rymea on Apr 01, 2017
    Keeps the rabbits out. Can't think of a disadvantage.
  • Sandra Lee Sandra Lee on Apr 01, 2017
    Yea, so far no one has offered disadvantages.
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