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Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas Our Crafty Mom

Decorating a mantel is my all time favorite thing to decorate. Tablescapes are my second and I will be sharing my Spring Tablescape next week! Every year I try to change out the decor of the mantel without buying new items. Being a crafter is a huge help, as I enjoy making things and it also saves money. When decorating a mantel it is best to start with a clean slate. Take everything off the mantel, take a look at what items you have and get inspired! It is great to start off with a focal point which helps with the overall design.

For example, I started with this gorgeous wreath. Next, I anchor each end of the mantel. I kind of like symmetry so I tend to have either the same items at each end or at least the same size. In this case I used the beautiful ironstone pitchers with spring flowers that match the flowers in the wreath.  These have quickly become some of my favorite items to decorate with! The adorable bunnies are the perfect height beside the pitchers.

Now I like to take a step back and see what else I need to complete the mantel. Banners are another thing that I use frequently. They add a very homey feel and are so versatile. The linen banner is a nice blend with the neutral theme I have going on. I like to decorate the hearth as well and found this gorgeous bunny pillow at the craft store for 50% off! I seem to have a bunny theme going on without even realizing it.

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