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Map and Leather Upcycle of Ikea Mini Drawers (Moppe)

You know how you can buy unfinished things in Ikea. I don't mean the stuff that you have to assemble but furniture where the wood is bare and needs to be a painted or varnished. Well, I had one of these mini drawers chests which had sat in the back of my craft cupboard for 10 years waiting to be finished.
Time: 1 Hours Difficulty: Easy

Now this mini chest is really handy and I wanted it out on display, so I decided it was time to finish it. I didn't, however, paint it, I decided on some decoupage and fancy drawer pulls.

I did however varnish the chest with some dark wood wax to give it an antique look.

The next thing I did was decoupage a whole vintage world map on the front of the drawer fronts. I used some world map gift wrap for this from Cavallini click here if you want to see the map paper I used.

I carefully cut out it map section for the front of each of the drawers and stuck it down with decoupage glue such as mod podge. I then pasted a layer over the top of the map paper to varnish and seal it.

I used the strap from an old leather handbag to make the pull handles. You could use an old belt.

I used upholstery pins to secure the leather strips to the front of the drawers.

If you need them there are more detailed instructions on the blog post link at the end.

I love how my mini chest of drawers turned out. I'm no longer hiding it in a cupboard. It now sits proudly on display in the living room. However, my son has his eyes on it for his travel themed bedroom.This is not the first time I have upcycled something from Ikea with maps. One of my most popular posts is an Ikea Map table I made, click here to see the fabulous table.

To see more: http://www.pillarboxblue.com/ikea-moppe-map-hack/

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