Fancy Plastic Spoon Mirror

When looking for a decorative and fancy wall feature, making one is super easy and inexpensive. Here's how I did a fancy plastic spoon mirror in less than an hour.

  • Cardboard or pizza box carton
  • 5 packs of 25 white plastic spoons
  • small/medium round mirror
  • spray paint of your preferred color
  • hot glue gun & scissor

STEP 1 - Trace a large circle. Inside the large circle trace your mirror.

Step 2 - Cut all spoons as shown above. Use hot glue gun to glue around the small circle. NOTE: glue the spoons inside of the circle line so that when the mirror is placed on top it will cover the trimmed part of the spoons.

  • fancy plastic spoon mirror

STEP 3 - Keep gluing the spoons as shown.

  • fancy plastic spoon mirror

STEP 4 - If you glue a spoon and feel its off, remove it and glue again. at the end you should have something that looks like picture shown above.

STEP 5 - Sit the spoons on top of anything high off the ground so you can go around the spoons spraying evenly. (on this picture I placed it on the ground, therefore you can see the off tones when spraying)

STEP 6 - After 2 coats, this is the end result. I didn't want a dark gold.

STEP 7 - Since the mirror is small, hot glue worked all around the mirror and glued on top of the edges of the spoons right in the middle. NOTE: if your mirror is bigger, Hot glue gun may not work. Use 1 or 2 round cardboard and stick to the middle space of the spoons before gluing the mirror on top.

  • fancy plastic spoon mirror

This is the final look after spraying silver. I also added little pebbles around the mirror with hot glue. (totally optional)

Suggested materials for this project:

    Arlin Romano

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