Organizing Makeup Drawer - Refreshing

20 Minutes
My makeup drawer had old, dirty trays. After bleaching and scrubbing with disappointing results, I was ready to throw them away. I then remembered my old friend Contact Paper. With it's "grid" marked backside, it was easy to size and make cutouts and refresh these old trays. Who knew? I like this!!
The bottom of this plastic organizing tray was discolored from years of make up! Look how much better it looks!
Contact Paper! The patterns are much fresher than they use to be.
This tray is 14 years old. The plexiglass has yellowed, but with the lining added, I can stand it another year.
Cough. This poor tray has been scrubbed, ran through the dishwasher, bleached and cursed. It's the one in the prior picture. Still a little sad looking, but I can live with it now.

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