Peacock Couch!

A few weeks ago, my sister gave us a new Ikea couch that is actually super comfortable. So we were able to get rid of our older couch that wasn't too comfortable, and was a little ugly. I don't actually have room for this couch anymore, but I couldn't bear giving it away. I posted on Discussions, asking people what to do with it, but I didn't get any feasible ideas. See here:

A friend of mine suggested making it look like a peacock with big feathers coming out of it. That seemed a little too 'out there' for me, but I did like the idea of a peacock design. So I decided to use ties to represent the peacock feathers, and paint the rest of the couch purple (my fave color)

Here's the fabric glue I used. I just put the glue on the outer edges of the ties (bought at my local thrift store) and then pressed them onto the couch cushion.

I tried to keep the ties aligned nicely.

Then I took some purple fabric paint spray, and got to work!

I made sure to always spray from above (so I had to move the couch a bunch of times), so that it would not look so splotchy, and try to get a nice even coat.

I added some aqua fabric paint as well just to give it a bit of a deeper color.

Left the couch to dry for about 2-3 hrs.

Put it all together and I have a peacock couch! So glad I decided not to give it away!

Suggested materials:

  • Thrift store ties  (Thrift store)
  • Fabric paint spray  (crafts store)
  • Fabric Glue  (crafts store)
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