Don't Let the Door Mark Your Freshly Painted Bathroom Walls!

How to install a clean, easy and inexpensive door stop at the door handle, where its out of the way.

Our freshly painted bathroom wall.

I wanted to keep the door from marking our freshly painted bathroom wall but didn't want to use the traditional door stopper located down at the bottom of the door. There, they seemed to always get in the way when mopping or vacuuming the floor.

The solution!

So I went down to our local Hardware store and purchased this simple, inexpensive and attractive alternative to the standard door stop post we are all used to seeing and hitting with the mop or vacuum and sometimes with our toe. Ouch!

Tape first.

Using painters tape, tape the area where the door hand meets the wall.

Line up with the door handle with the guard.

Put the wall guard against the wall and hold in place by applying pressure with the door. This step is important,be sure the door lock button is NOT pushed in when against the guard but is directly in the center of the guard so as not to accidentally lock the door once guard is installed. Once you have the guard where it belongs take a pencil and mark around the guard as in the photo.

Ready to mark the mount screw location.

This is what it should look like and you are now ready to mark where the guard mount screw goes.

Guard mount in the center of outline.

Place the guard mount plate "backwards" (mounts outer flange touches the wall) in the center of the outline you just did and carefully mark the screw hole in the center of the mount with your pencil.

Guard mount screw hole.

With your wall guard came a screw and wall insert anchor. Using the proper size drill bit (just slightly smaller than thickest part of the wall insert) drill a hole where you just mark.

Wall insert installed.

Remove tape and place the wall insert anchor in the opening by hand as far as it will go which should be about half way. Then using a hammer, carefully tap insert completely into the opening.

Guard mount installed.

Take the guard mount and this time place right side out (mounts outer flange is away from the wall) and secure to wall with provided screw.

Wall guard installed.

You notice that on the guard mount the flange area has three (3) notched openings. The decorative outer guard (this one being brass colored) has three (3) matching tabs. Place decorative wall guard over the wall mount and line these openings/tabs up then rotate the outer decorative guard left or right, does't matter, about a 1/4" to 1/2" of an inch to hold guard in place.


Finally, test that the door handle lines up with wall guard and that the lock button isn't accidentally pushed when up against wall guard. Then you're done! No more ugly marks on your walls. No more ramming the vacuum or mop into that old door stopper and no more jammed toes!

Suggested materials:

  • One wall mount interior door stop  (Ace Hardware)

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  • Pauline
    on Apr 3, 2017

    How does this work when the knob has already broken through the drywall?

    • Don Teegs
      on Apr 28, 2017

      I agree with Francesca about the hinge stoppers. I also have them on my entry doors and have never repaired any thing and they aren't noticed like something on the wall.

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  • Ethel Kirkpatrick
    on May 7, 2017

    This is a great idea! No one ever thinks of the widest part of the door is where the door handle is... definitely, the stopper should be up higher...! Good on you!
  • Marylou
    on May 13, 2017

    i have these on all the doors in my place. It is a good thing.
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