How do I get rid of flies on the exterior of my house?

Every spring for about 2 weeks the exterior of my house is covered with flies. Don't know where they come from or where they go after the 2 weeks but they are a real nuisance. I've tried spraying the siding down with Clorox but they fly away & then come right back. Any suggestions as to how to prevent them from landing?
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  • Since it is in the Spring, depending on where you live, it probably (I am guessing here, as I have a fly problem too), has to do with standing water or dampness in that area. They hatch and cause the problem. As the days grow warmer, the ground dries up and then they are gone. I will Google! I have no standing water, but the north side of my house seems to be a breeding ground for them. I sprayed the area with white vinegar and it seemed to work. But the down side to that nothing will grow there. And you can't spray vinegar on your house, as it will ruin the paint.
  • Ok I Googled. Tons of info out there and they might be cluster flies. All sites I looked at suggest chemicals. I have too many pets so I will not use any chemical for this purpose. Hopefully someone else will have a better idea??? Maybe call a pest control company - some give free estimates - but be prepared for hard sell. And lots of chemicals.
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Apr 03, 2017
    I love this easy, vinegar trick- best of luck!
  • Deborah Deborah on Apr 03, 2017
    I've don this with apple juice and dish soap and it does work.
  • Renee Conley Renee Conley on Apr 03, 2017
    I don't know if this currently popular hack would work if they are cluster flies. Put shiny pennies in baggies with some water. When the sun reflects of them, it drives their eyes crazy and they will go somewhere else.
  • Eloise Eloise on Apr 05, 2017
    There are a few videos on YouTube. Check them out here:
  • Julieh Julieh on Apr 07, 2020

    I just sprayed flea and tick spray I had for use inside the hous on my deck bannisters and everywhere the flies were clustering and they left! I was shocked.

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