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Galvanized Bucket Hanging Succulent Planter

Like so many of you, I love to decorate in a farmhouse style. Nothing says farmhouse like galvanized metal! I picked up this great galvanized bucket at the craft store for 50% off making it $5! It is a really good size too.

Next, I grabbed a bag of spanish moss, about 20 faux succulents and a piece of chicken wire. Succulents are great because they require little care. You don’t necessarily need a green thumb to grow them. Also, they make some really good fake succulents like the ones I used in my Galvanized Bucket Hanging Succulent Planter. Next, get your glue gun ready.

Cut the chicken wire with metal snips to the length and width that you need. I cut it so it would only cover about half of the bucket, as I wanted the bucket to show. Fill the chicken wire with spanish moss and really pack it in so it is nice and full. I used a full bag for this project. Then just hot glue the succulents in a nice arrangement to ensure it is even and full. I usually lay it out first to make sure I like it prior to hot glueing.

These succulents are very realistic looking and the best thing is-no watering! I may put this on the covered deck once the weather is nicer. To hang it I hot glued a soda can tab to the back. It’s a great way to hang things like metal or ceramic-as long as it is not too heavy. If you liked this you may also like my succulent wreath here.

I am so in love with it and it was really easy to make. My sister has already asked that I make one for her as she does not have a green thumb. This project took less than 30 minutes to create and with a coupon the total cost was under $15! Bring on Spring!

Materials used for this project:

  • Succulents
  • Galvanized bucket

To see more: http://ourcraftymom.com/galvanized-bucket-hanging-succulent-planter/

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