He Wanted Privacy at Home, So He Built a Wall

On my last post, "Modern Patio DIY Inspiration" I created a solution for my problem...nosy neighbors! I also made my patio area into a usable space. In this post, I build a similar 'in style' privacy wall in the back of the house. This might give you some ideas of your own. Check it out....
Time: 2 DaysCost: $350Difficulty: Advanced
Check out the video for inspiration and ideas!
So just like on my previous post, we'll create some privacy here in the back. The person that lives in that apartment likes to sit with her lawn chair facing me. Just like seating at a movie theater! I'm not joking. Oh, she also dries her clothes on my fence..and when I say "clothes" I mean underwear. It's really not something I want to see when I step out back to have my morning coffee.
This person also likes to do a few other things. I'll just mention one more..but you get the picture. She will dump food scraps right up next to my fence. I don't feel that's appropriate behavior. Anyways, let's move on...
I bought 2x4s at the big box store. I'm making the frames for what will become the privacy wall. I just cut the boards to the width and height I need. Then I butt joint them and drive screws to fasten the box. It's just a big box made with 2x4s.
Let's move on...
Just before assembling the frame, I went and painted the 2x4s with enamel paint from the big box store. This privacy wall will be done in two sections. A heavier bottom frame...and then a smaller frame that will be bolted and set on top. Between the two frames, We'll end up with about 6 feet of privacy. I don't want to get ahead of myself...but doing it in two sections helped me a lot. These frames can get heavy.
Here I have the bottom frame completed. I added a center board for stability. It will help reduce racking....But after we add the horizontal 1x4s, it'll be nice and sturdy.
So I cut 1x4 boards to size. I painted them and fastened them to the frame with screws. You'll notice I used calking to cover the screw holes too. That all gets painted in the end. The wall is coming along...
So I set the bottom section in place. Now I need to secure this to the concrete slab.
I made a brace from 2x4s and used concrete anchors to fasten the section down. Notice the base plate. it's a square block of pressure treated wood. That is what's fastened with anchors. The brace get's long screws drilling into the plate.
Here's the top section. This frame is much smaller. It will get me to the height I need for good privacy. Like I mentioned before...building this in two sections makes it easier to work with while at the building stage.
So I did the same as before....I assembled it with screws and painted.
I added thinner strips for the top. this will help because we want the top section to be lighter than the bottom. It also breaks up the horizontal design. I like the look! In any event, the idea is, use thinner strips to offset the weight.
I lifted the top and placed it. Then I screwed in large screw bolts through where the two 2x4 frames meet. I did do a little touch up painting....other than that, we have our privacy wall out back!
I hope you got some ideas from my project. I live in a busy area and I just want my home to be my little get away from all the craziness. I always try to give those around me their space and privacy. Not everyone takes those things into account...so I had to find my own solution. Catch you next time....

Suggested materials for this project:

  • 2x4  (Home Depot)
  • 1x4  (Home Depot)
  • 1x2  (Home Depot)
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