What would you do with red barn wood?

What projects have you done or want to do with barn wood? Would love to see the creativity.
q what would you do with red barn wood
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  • Oh my goodness! Look at all the fantastic wood! I would want all kinds of stuff for the yard, patio and porch! Redo my fence with this stuff. If suitable, I would want flooring throughout the house, or at least a couple rooms as a feature wall. Trim the builder grade mirrors in the bathrooms and certainly a headboard for my bed! The list is endless! A real cool funky table would be awesome! Oh, I can only dream! 😴💕🔨
  • Nancy Jones Nancy Jones on Apr 10, 2017
    I think I'd refinish it and do a ceiling.
  • Laura Boner Laura Boner on Apr 10, 2017
    I used barn siding for half of a wall. The other half to the floor is fake brick.
  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Apr 10, 2017
    You have hit the mother lode-lucky you!! I would use the siding on the outside of my chicken coop and built one of that outhouse type buildings for my garden. If I had enough wood left, I might even build another structure in my garden, like a she shed or a playhouse for my grandaughtters. Have fun with it!!
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Apr 10, 2017
    sliding barn doo
  • Steven Arnold Steven Arnold on Apr 11, 2017
    I wood (lol) love that pile. On a smaller scale I made center pieces for a table or coffee table. Easy to make.
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Apr 18, 2017
    Where were you when I lived in Arizona? OMG it's beautiful wood. To die for. I would have cleaned it and then sided my entire house. Now, in Florida living in an older manufactured home, I'd use it for my interior walls like faux ship lap, maybe even do my floors! :) I am soooooooo jealous. Thanks for sharing your 'gold mine' of fabulous barn wood.
  • Sally Wiese Sally Wiese on Apr 18, 2017
    Do you have any idea the resale value of what you have there in barn boards????!! Thousands of dollars..thousands. A friend of mine took down their big old barn and the Amish paid $25,000.00 for the wood. Better think this over first. What do you need more? Advertise it in the newspaper and see the results. I think it is about $4.00 and something a BOARD FOOT!!!!!!
    • Sally Wiese Sally Wiese on Apr 18, 2017
      An after thought: a barn door sells for $600.00. Some use them for closet doors and the front door too. Here a door, there a door!
  • John John on Apr 24, 2017
    OMG i am heaven look at this wood there are so many things you could do with all of this beautiful wood .Head boards ,walls and much much more
  • Willy boy 64 Willy boy 64 on Apr 24, 2017
    I would do an accent wall with old wood.