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Guess What Makes These Terra-cotta Pots so Cute? False Eyelashes!!!!!

I had some gifts to make for a women's group and wanted to bring in gardening and women. So I purchased terra-cotta pots with the saucers, garden gloves and seed packets along with false eyelashes to put these themes together. I had the paint, ribbon and flowers.
Wearing hats!
Wearing hats!
I first painted the the terra cotta pots in white but left the inside unpainted just for contrast.
Pot before decorating.
Pot before decorating.
Taking tweezers, I removed each eyelash along with its glue line and stuck them on resembling closed eyes!
guess what makes these terra cotta pots so cute false eyelashes
I then squeezed a little pink paint on a paper plate and used my thumb to put blush on their cheeks and used a sharpie to draw a smile.
guess what makes these terra cotta pots so cute false eyelashes
I took a pair of garden gloves and rolled them up and placed 2 seed packs inside each pot then inserted the rolled gloves.
Rolled gloves ready to place in pots
Rolled gloves ready to place in pots
Once seeds and gloves were placed in pots I turned the saucer upside down as a hat. I took ribbon placing it under pot and bringing it up and tying it into a knot on top to keep the "hat" in place. Hot glued a big flower on top all ready to gift.
Can hold rings or something small.
Can hold rings or something small.
What I especially like is once the items are removed from the pot, you turn the hat over and place the pot on top of the saucer. That's when you really notice the contrast of the unpainted interior. (In previous picture). can be placed near the sink to hold rings or place a small plant. These are small 2-3 inch pots.

Suggested materials:

  • Pot and saucer- 1.89. Used coupon  (Michael's)
  • False eyelashes- .79  (Amazon)
  • Gloves- 1.00  (Dollar Tree)
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  • Zoe Emiko
    on Apr 14, 2017

    What sort of paint did you use? Was it spray paint of some sort?
    • Rambie
      on Apr 24, 2017

      I painted mine with acrylic and used a sponge brush. They are so cute!!
  • Ser20275747
    on Apr 14, 2017

    Those seeds inside the gloves and the pot are gift to be grown later?
    Or they will grow inside the pot?
  • Patty
    on Apr 22, 2017

    How do you fit gloves and seed packets in a 3" pot? Did you have to fold everything up?
    • Ann M
      on Apr 23, 2017

      I folded the gloves and rolled them up like you do socks. The seeds curved around and I stuffed the gloves in the middle

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