Does anyone know how to get a crease/fold mark out of vinyl?

It's marine grade and very thick. I tried a towel and iron, it worked a little bit. What about cinder blocks ! I really want to use this material on a project soon.
Any tips, tricks or ideas to make it crease free?
q does anyone know how to get a crease fold mark out of vinyl
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  • Lynn Gyory Lynn Gyory on Apr 11, 2017
    Try a damp sponge and a hair dryer on hot.
  • William William on Apr 11, 2017
    I would reverse roll it (bottom out). Once you get to the crease use a blow dryer and heat the area. Roll it back and forth while heating it. Good Luck
    • Jennifer Jennifer on Apr 11, 2017
      I did use a hair dryer and rolled while drying. I think it could be permanent but I'm not giving up yet
  • Rae Rae on Apr 12, 2017
    Hi, Jennifer. I'm an industrial fabricator and we run into this a lot at work. There is a good chance that is permanent but you might try a couple of things. First, lay your fabric down, backing side up and place weights along the crease overnight. The other is to drape your material , again backing side up, over a thin board or rod. Make sure whatever you use is centered under the crease and let it sit in the sunlight all day.
    • Jennifer Jennifer on Apr 12, 2017
      That is so funny because I did put cinder blocks on it last night and then let it sit in the sun today, it is better to the point I might be able to stretch it enough so the fold won't be seen when I make the seat.
      Thanks for your in put, I'm glad I was doing it the right way!
  • Rae Rae on Apr 13, 2017
    That is funny! Glad you figured it out; good luck with your project.