Learning to Save and to Care for a Crown of Thorn

I bought this beautiful Crown of thorn in July of last year. It was very happy outdoors but I had a feeling that once I brought it inside for the winter, there was going to be trouble... It didn't take long.
I am aware that temperature and lighting can and will have a different effect on your plants once they are back indoors for the winter... This transition has always been an issue and a problem for me.....
" Sigh" One day I'm going to get it right!
I SWORE I would Not.... OVER WATER! But OVER WATER I DID! I had to stop my crying and spring into action.!! My photos explain what I'm doing to save it... Thanks for your comments and tips..
Here it is on my balcony in July of last year.
This is the part that has started to rot. It's shriveled up in the middle.
Here I'm removing a piece of it's stem that is still green. My gloves are used to protect my hands from both the thorns and sap that I've read is poisonous.
All the leaves had turned Yellow.
This is what is left after the cut... Should I cut it more or leave it?
Here the little piece I cut off..I read somewhere on the net that I should allow it to dry out a few days and than stick it in some sand.
I did not -repot it as of yet...I'm allowing the soil to dry out... Than I'll place it back in it's pot..I think I may change it from a plastic pot to a clay pot.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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