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A Way to Celebrate Three Kings Day

I've written about the visits of whimsical characters to my armoire and succulent garden during many holidays (including Fourth of July, Halloween, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve).* And I've described how they have added ambience to my home at every occasion.

Yesterday, a trio of visitors stopped by in honor of today's holiday: The Feast of the Three Kings (or Epiphany). They can be seen in the first picture of today's entry standing near to a treat that I will be serving in honor of this day.

It is a Three Kings' Cake made by Le Pain Quotidien, a "chain" bakery that has a location in my hood. And it has become my tradition to serve this cake to folks that are near and dear to me when they come for a visit on this occasion.

This year I am especially grateful to have my Three Kings' Cake, and I thank John as well as Matt who both work at the Le Pain Quotidien location that is close to where I live. They went out of their way to get it to me. I had ordered the cake on Saturday (1-4-13) but I was to pick it up yesterday, January 5th, after my weekly Sunday morning volunteer work to the homebound.

However, over Saturday night NYC had endured a tremendous storm, and, as a result, on Sunday morning I could not even walk on the sidewalk due to all the ice! I ultimately had to miss doing my volunteer work (which is rare for me) and stay home for the day! This was because of my new struggles with my legal blindness: I could not chance falling as a result of not noticing black ice.

When I phoned Le Pain Quotidien to tell them I could not pick up my Three Kings Cake, a man named John made arrangements for his colleague, Matt, to bring the cake to me. I share this with you, dear reader, because in a day and age where customer service is not made a priority, I want to acknowledge when I receive service that is exceptional.

And with that, let me share with you what Le Pain Quotidien says about the back story of their Three Kings Cake:

"The Kings’ Cake, or Galette des Rois, originated in France in the 12th century. A traditional accompaniment to the Feast of the Epiphany, which fêtes the arrival of the Three Wise Men twelve days after Christmas, the Kings’ Cake is enjoyed in many countries around the world."

And as for the taste treat itself, which includes a surprise, Le Pain Quotidien says this:

"Buttery layers of puff pastry encase a layer of rich frangipane, making it a perfectly delicious treat. Per tradition, a fève – a fava bean, pea or porcelain trinket – is baked at the center. The person whose slice contains the fève is declared King (or Queen!) for the day, and is believed to have good luck in the year ahead."

Le Pain Quotidien's Kings’ Cake "is baked with a chocolate-covered almond in the center, and comes with a porcelain souvenir and a gold paper crown for one to celebrate properly!"

In my first photo-op the crown can be seen standing atop the cake as the kings gaze upon it, and the king furthest to the left has placed Le Pain Quotidien's "porcelain souvenir" on top of his own gift.

Close-up pictures of the cake, the crown, as well as the porcelain souvenir can be seen in place-holders two through four respectively. And solo photo-ops of the each of the kings can be seen in pictures five through seven.

In bygone years, I've written about these very same three kings within TLLG's Blogger Pages (@ when I referred to the feast day as Día de Los Reyes because of the annual parade with live camels (as well as other animals) that takes place, annually, in New York City on this holiday.

A Three Kings Day Parade is a tradition in many cities throughout the world. Is there any such event near to where you live, dear reader?

Do you celebrate the holiday with any tradition or special foods?

I hope my post has provided ideas on how you might honor this occasion.
AND BTW, as with most of the figurines that I write about, the three kings are available via Steve Mohr of More and More Antiques. (212-580-8404)
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These three kings were included in a 2011 Post within TLLG's Blogger Pages @
Close-up Le Pain Quotidien's Three Kings' Cake.
Close-up of crown that Le Pain Quotidien includes with their Three Kings' Cake.
Close-up of "porcelain souvenir" that Le Pain Quotidien includes with their Three Kings' Cake.
This king was included in a 2011 Post within TLLG's Blogger Pages @
This king was included in a 2011 Post within TLLG's Blogger Pages @
This king was included in a 2011 Post within TLLG's Blogger Pages @

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