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It Was Love at First Sight! Had to Make Her Mine! :)

Beautiful Pink Poinsettia! Would appreciate tips on how to take care of this plant in our tropical climate. Is it a shade plant?
it was love at first sight had to make her mine, gardening

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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 6, 2014

    Poinsettias grow outdoors in much of Florida, so yours will be happy outside I'm sure as well. Definitely they want sun. As Sow and Dipity relates in her excellent post on their care, the key to getting them to re-bloom is for them to have have 14 hours a day of complete darkness for six to eight weeks. If your nights are not that long, or if you have light pollution from outdoor lights, you really do have to put a box or something over the plant.

  • Jay
    on Jan 6, 2014

    I was advised to keep it under the shade net,not under direct sun. Thankyou Douglas Hunt. With leaves like these who needs flowers? :) All i want is to see that it doesn't die. Two of my tube begonias ,beautiful ones jst up n died.. think maybe too much water n root rot. I was heartbroken..One big prblm i face is getting well draining soil for such plants. That's the reason i stopped making anymore succulent containers..

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