How to Clean Copper Bottomed Pots

My mother used these copper-bottomed pots for year and years and gave me some when I left for college. They are pretty great pans and I love using them, but over time the bottom gets tarnished and dirty looking. Thankfully, my mother also taught me how to get them clean and bright looking again! I've since learned of two more ways to get them clean too. We'll start with my mother's method first.
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
Here are the pots I have. I have three of them, and yes. The bottoms are not so pretty here! Let's fix that....
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
First, pour regular table salt onto it!
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
Next, pour some regular white vinegar onto the salt.
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
Grab a scour pad and scrub in the vinegar into the salt and clean the pan! Be sure to get the sides too! Pour more vinegar and salt onto it as needed until it's all clean.
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
And here's how it compares to the two other dirty ones!! Amazing difference right?!
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
Another way to clean them is using Bar Keepers Friend! This time, wet the bottom of the pan with water, sprinkle the Bar Keepers Friend onto the pan, let sit for a minute, then scrub with a paper towel or scour pad, and viola! A clean-bottomed copper pan!
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
The last way to clean a copper bottom pot, in case you're really desperate for some reason, is to use KETCHUP!
  • how to clean copper bottomed pots
Be sure to head to my blog to watch the videos for the vinegar and ketchup tutorials in action!

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  • Vinegar
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