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Asked on Apr 16, 2017

Removing broken light bulb



Please suggest methods to remove a broken light bulb from a lamp.
q removing broken light bulb
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  • Janet Vance
    on Apr 16, 2017

    Unplug it and use needlenose pliers to twist it out

  • Flipturn
    on Apr 16, 2017

    Before you start to remove it as pr instructions above, lean lamp (with shade removed) over garbage bag, to catch the bits of broken glass from the light bulb that sometimes fall around when the neck begins twisting. 'Much easier than trying to look for them, and then trying pick the tiny pieces off the floor.

  • Melissa
    on Apr 16, 2017

    Use a potao, gently push onto the broken socket and turn

  • Laurel Porter-Gaylord
    on Apr 16, 2017

    I've used a carrot before. One that fits into the threads.

  • Christine Swan
    on Apr 16, 2017

    After unplugging the lamp and getting the pieces of glass removed, use a bar of soap to put in socket and turn. Works every time.

  • Life With Lorelai
    on Apr 16, 2017

    Use a potato! It's cheap, simple, and effective.

  • Perk
    on Apr 16, 2017

    use a cork, works great.

  • Linda Beckman
    on Apr 16, 2017

    Cut the potato in half first to make it more manageable. After you've unplugged the lamp, push the potato half onto the broken light and unscrew. Good luck!

  • Allinthefamilysingers
    on Apr 17, 2017

    someone already told u what i did a half cut potato Should work it worked for us GOOD LUCK dhall

  • Paul
    on Apr 18, 2017

    A 3-4 inch piece of old garden hose is what I use. Its the right diameter that fits perfectly in most standard light bulb bases. It's hollow so it fits over the stem that sticks up. I keep a piece in my tool box just for that purpose.

  • Colleen
    on Apr 20, 2017

    unplug lamp insert slot screwdriver and gently bend inward creating a hole big enough to get your needle nose plier into, turn to unscrew.

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