How to remove weeds in between pavers?

For Our patio near the pool
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 17, 2017
    Make a mixture of white vinegar and water 50/50 add a dab of salt and dish soap.
  • Diane Stultz Diane Stultz on Apr 17, 2017
    Pour boiling water on them it may take a few trips with the tea kettle, but it works. Pour close to the weeds, so the water doesn't splash and burn you. No chance of chemicals getting in the pool either.
  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Apr 27, 2017
    Simply get a clean spray bottle and add a squirt of Dawn dish detergent, and the remainder should be 50% water and 50%vinegar. Spray it on your weeds. It is non-toxic and will not hurt humans or animals. However, please note that it will kill any grass/plants that the solution gets sprayed on, so make sure whoever is doing this spraying....also knows this, so they don't kill any of your grass/plants, unnecessarily. I just bought a house in September of 2016 and we have you same exact issue of weeds coming up through our driveway rocks, as well as between the cracks of our parking pad outside our garage door. I did this about 3 days ago and the weeds are pretty much on their way out of being in existence. I am certain by midday tomorrow,after a long day of sun and no rain, I will not have any concern about the weeds I have sprayed. They will be gone!!!
  • Bulldog Bulldog on May 04, 2017
    Boiling water will kill them and you won't have to worry about chemicals
  • Grasshopper Grasshopper on May 06, 2017
  • SandyG SandyG on May 06, 2017
    Consider a propane torch burner. Check out this video:
  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on May 06, 2017
    Use boiling water on them to kill them....then sprinkle the cracks with baking soda about twice a year. Baking soda makes the area too alkaline for anything to grow there at all. it is safe!
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