Rain water run off problem solved with a gorgeous dry creek bed, Japanese bridge.

Rain water run off problem solved with a gorgeous dry creek bed, Japanese bridge.

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  • Shirley Robinson
    Shirley Robinson
    on Aug 10, 2018

    What materials are under the rocks? Concrete, soil, sand?

    • I followed the course of how water ran off from the neighbors onto this one. We put down 2 layers of river rock directly on top of the Georgia clay soil. Some rocks were small to medium and some comsidered large at 5-7". I put the flattest ones on the bottom. I chose some rocks because of their shape and color to be on the top layer just for added visual interest. I used to put two layers of weed block fabric underneath the rocks. I found that weeds will still grow above the fabric so it really is a step that I do not do unless my client insists. If the area is rough where you want your dry creek bed, you can smooth it out as needed. Sand is not a good idea because it may wash out when it rains. I love making dry creek beds and rock gardens and hope ypu enjoy yours.

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  • I had the bridge hand made by a very talented finish carpenter, craftsman, general contractor. I picked out the sealer and two stain colors to achieve the look we wanted. I mixed a barn type red with a wee bit of black. The bridge cost $ 800. I believe the total span end to end is 8 ft. I'll have to check to be percise.

  • Andy Yarbrough
    Andy Yarbrough
    on Jul 15, 2017

    Looks nice and well done! I might have to try this in my back yard.
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