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Rustic Cabinet

Give an old dresser and new purpose!
rustic cabinet
First I pulled out all of the drawers and sanded the body down.
rustic cabinet
i then painted it using a dry brush technique - you dip you brush into the paint, wipe bristles clean with inside lip
of the paint can, and brush it onto the piece so that it doesn't completely coat the wood. It leaves some of the wood exposed.
rustic cabinet
then I took a rag and lightly dipped into the stain, and sporadically wiped it onto the paint job following with a soft rag to wipe it back off and leave just a glazed look to the paint job. Then I went back over that with the campire ash paint to tone any of the stain marks down.
rustic cabinet
i measured my opening length wise and width to cut my 1x3 boards to size for the doors. I then screwed those pieces together and sanded the wood. I added the hinges and hung them to check out if they work well.
Then I stained them. And once dry I poly coated them. After that I added the chicken wire by using a staple gun to attach.
rustic cabinet
(I didn't get a photo with the chicken wire and the shelves on during this next phase! Oops..)
then I added the shelves, and magnet closures for the doors.
rustic cabinet
rustic cabinet

Suggested materials:

  • 1x3x8 whitewood pine boards  (Lowes)
  • 150 grit sandpaper  (Lowes)
  • Clear gloss Poly
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