Repairing a Mobile Home Ceiling After Having It Moved

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Les and I recently bought and moved a 1999 Clayton home and some inside damage that accourred during transport. No problem Les says and when Les says no problem I know it's not a problem.
First he stuck his awl in the ceiling to located the nearest truss.
To make sure he was hitting the truss he run a few screws. He started at the closes point to the next wall. It doesn't matter if it is an inside wall or an outside wall. If he started in the middle of the crack he risk breaking the ceiling sheet rock
When he knew where the truss was, he braced the ceiling to push up the side that didn't have a truss close by. Usually when the ceiling cracks like that the side that doesn't have the truss will drop down so that's the side you want to brace. We had a sewer pipe and a 5 gallon bucket handy so we used it.
Then screw into the truss on both sides, you have to angle your screws on the side that is farthest from the truss.
At some point you will not be able to get the ceiling pushed back up so you will need to get a knife and start cutting a V shape groove in the crack that releases the tension on the ceiling and will help ease the to halves back to gather .
Now continue screwing all the way to the end. Make sure you slightly recess your screws under the surfaced but, don't go to far or you will brake the paper on the back side of the ceiling.
Les used a 6" putty knife and put joint compound on each side of the crack.
Then he put his mesh tape on, if he didn't do that the tape won't stick the the ceiling.
Then he went over the mesh tape with the joint compound forcing it behind the tape into the crack. This will give the ceiling strength and it is less likely to re-crack let it dry , then put a 2nd coat on and also let it dry, on the 3rd coat he uses a texture paint roller that looks like giant Velcro and rolls it over the wet compound to mimic the ceiling texture.

Suggested materials:

  • Awl   (Walmart about 4.00)
  • Mesh Tape   (Menards 7.00)
  • Joint Compound 5 gal bucket at Menards   (12.00 but you can buy smaller sizes)
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