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Color Block Walls, Niches, Nooks or Cute Corners With Paint

My home was recently painted and was all one color. After a few months of admiring the sterile walls I decided it was time to add a pop of color. I didn't want to commit to an entire wall so I painted a color block of one color and selected the little niches and nooks (aka insets, bookcases, quiet corners). Love the transformation! Here's the before and a sample of one of several nooks in our house.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $50.00 Difficulty: Easy
Here's the larger inset above our television and fireplace mantel. This one was tricky standing on a mantel 12 feet off the ground and painting the arch, BUT it was worth it because I loved the contrast between the accent color.
Here are the paint colors. Revere Pewter is the interior wall color in our house.
I chose Hale Navy as the accent color for the niches and nooks! Love the contrast and the sharp navy. I first used Hale Navy when I painted our kitchen island with it to hide the spaghetti sauce that (somehow) ends up on the island.
Here are a few after photos. This one is the niche/nook off the garage entry door. It's a landing spot for bills, magazines and car keys. I wanted a space that said "Welcome Home" instead of "Get out." This is so much more welcoming.
I carried the color block across multiple rooms, but most in small spaces. The area above the fire place mantel in the family room was the largest space to paint.
Love it. I love the contrast between the navy and the grey/beige paint color. It's been fun to carry the navy with other decor items. I especially love the green against the navy!

Materials used for this project:

  • Paint

To see more: http://notatrophywife.com/2017/06/color-block/

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