I have a female cat that won't poop in her litter box.

The box is cleaned twice a day and I keep about two inches of litter in the box. She used to use the box then suddenly started pooping in random corners. HELP!
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  • Sounds like a behavior or health issue. You might have to have a vet evaluate. Doesn't seem cat-like at all.
  • How old is she? I would certainly schedule a vet appointment. Not typical cat behavior.
    • Freida Friend Freida Friend on Apr 24, 2017
      She's about 12 yrs. old. It's random too, sometimes in the box, other times in a corner or on a rug then she tries to cover it with the rug. She's been doing this for about a year and I've tried everything I can think of. I guess a vet visit may be in order. It's the only thing I haven't done. Thanks though.
  • PJnabors PJnabors on Apr 25, 2017
    Add another box and I found a great litter called "Cat Attract". Found online and at Petco, a little pricey but works.
  • Rosemary Dolphin Rosemary Dolphin on Apr 25, 2017
    I agree, Vet time.
  • LJ Peterson LJ Peterson on Apr 25, 2017
    My cat started doing the same thing. Vet said it was stress related, no physical cause. My cat is 9 yrs. old. I thought back to when it started and it was 2 days after I started using a Cpap machine for breathing at night. She always slept with me before I got it and now she may sleep with me for only a an hour at night. We are working on getting her to calm down about the change in my sleeping habits. Try to think back to what could have happened to trigger your cats stress and then do what you can to help the cat feel more secure.
  • Janine Janine on Apr 26, 2017
    Do you feed her only dry food? Sometimes they get constipated from the food and have no other way to tell you than to poo where they don't normally. Definitely visit the vet too.
  • Ricki Ricki on Apr 26, 2017
    I've had many cats and this is definitely a medical issue. If she is having urinary tract infections or potty pain of any kind, she will associate the box with the pain and steer clear from it. She is at the age that many things could be wrong. Please, please seek medical help for her. I don't believe she's just acting out. I wish you the best of luck...from a cat lover
  • Laura Pidduck-Zappetti Laura Pidduck-Zappetti on Apr 26, 2017
    it is best to check with the vet, it could just be that she's getting finicky in her older years or it could be a physical issue and you want to address that right away! is she going somewhere else? if so this might indicate a bladder infection .. best to take her to the vet
  • Peanutbutter Peanutbutter on Apr 26, 2017
    I agree with the stress issue, if she is upset about the c-pap machine and her sleeping issues that is probably the instigator. Have you tried leaving the machine where she can investigate it? Let her see it won't hurt you or her.
  • Nancy Nancy on Apr 26, 2017
    Try Feliway - on Amazon. Amazing for cat behavior problems.
  • Freida Friend Freida Friend on Apr 26, 2017
    Thank you all for your suggestions. My Lilly not only has a vet appt., she also has an order of Feliway due here by Friday and with CatAttract litter, I'm hoping we can fix this. I never considered my cat may be stressed but, with four furbabies here, it's certainly possible. Will update all as I'm sure everyone is on pins and needles waiting to hear. 😄😄
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 26, 2017
    Cat can suddenly start this behavior when they get those crystals in their kidneys causing pain when they try to urinate. Take kitty to vet. I also have some liquid homopathic drops I use when I suspect this maybe beginning to happen again that I got on Amazon.