My Brother's Latest Woodwork Project That I Helped With.

This is a solid wood motorcycle rocker . It is made of 2 pieces 2" thick and 2 pieces 1" thick cut out and glued together to form the bike frame and fenders. The wheels are 3 pieces 1" thick cut and glued together. The rockers are 2" thick pieces. The rest are 1" thick pieces cut to the shape of the parts on the motorcycle. We used rough cut Birch for the wood and used our planer to dress them down to size. The colors are stain so as not to cover the woodgrain. The wheels turn and the front forks pivot the same as a motorcycle.
Left side view. Just added the dressing parts to make it look like a motorcycle.
Right side view
Frontal view
Just added the colored stain and mounted the rocker base.
Right side
Left side. Now for the finish 4 coats of polly should be good. But I am not looking forward to the sanding between the coats.

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