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Mailbox Makeover Under $20

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3 Hours

So my house is a really cute cottage with great curb appeal. My mailbox, however, looks like the ugly duckling hanging out with all the fancy swans. I knew I needed to do something about it, but a new mailbox wasn't in my budget. Not to mention the fact that even new mailboxes aren't that cute either. So I did what I do best...a budget friendly makeover.
mailbox makeover under 20
This is what I was working with. Go ahead and say it..."Eww." I know, I know, I was thinking the same thing. But in my defense, most of the other mailboxes on my street were just like mine.

Faded old black metal, rusty screws that barely held the door on, and the complete inability to scrub off the bird, um, gifts, due to the dirty matte finish. Oh and that gross ditch. I hate that thing. Add mask eyesore ditch to my list, please.
mailbox makeover under 20
And after just a few hours, my little ugly duckling is now the prettiest girl at the ball. I sprayed on two coats of weatherproof spray paint with rust protection, and covered the ground around it with one of those cheap plastic drop cloths you can buy for a couple of dollars.

To spray paint your own metal mailbox, just give it rubdown with fine grit sandpaper and wipe clean with a damp rag. Let it dry, then you're good to go.

After it dried, I added new screws, with painted heads, and a customized decal I ordered from Mother, Me, I on Etsy.

Some planted flowers I had leftover from garden planted really helped shield that stupid ditch. It's not a massive cover up, but hey, any little bit helps, right?
mailbox makeover under 20
We really like how it turned out, and we obviously inspired our neighbors to up their mailbox game, because two weeks later a couple of other houses sprayed theirs, too.

If you're curious how it's holding up after two years, here's the rundown.

The spray paint still looks amazing. And the shiny finish makes cleaning up bird leftovers a breeze. Just a basic sponge dipped in warm water with a little dish soap, then a warm water rinse is all I need.

The decal also still looks brand new. The Etsy shop I ordered it from obviously uses superior quality vinyl, because it still looks like I just put it on.

And the flowers? They grew back and bloomed last year. This year, big puffs of greens, but no blooms. I blame that on the crazy Tennessee weather, though. Last week we had one day that was a high of 50 degrees, then the next day it was almost 90. (Can you sense my eyes rolling? Because they are.)
mailbox makeover under 20
Total cost? A can of blue spray paint and the decals equals a whopping $18.

I already have a stockpile of plastic drop cloths and screws of all sizes, the flowers were already hanging around here, and I had a little bit of red spray paint from another project for the flag.

For that kind of pricetag, everyone should have a pretty mailbox. Have you tackled yours yet? I would love to hear what you did!

And you can stop by my blog at the link below for more on this project, and lots more! I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Be sure to leave a comment there and let me know you stopped by from HomeTalk!

Suggested materials:

  • Rustoleum Paint + Primer 2x Weatherproof Spray Paint  (Home Improvement Store)
  • Vinyl Decal  (Etsy)
  • New Screws  (Home Improvement Store)
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  • Grace Hill
    on Aug 15, 2017

    Nice idea about flowers but person who delivers mail might have a bee problem.

    on Jun 15, 2018

    Now you have me inspired! Mine needs some TLC too. It's really large, and the postal carrier loves it, but it's faded and worn. You did a great job!

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