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Floor To Ceiling Board and Batten

In our Master Bedroom we were trying to achieve some vintage farmhouse style. I knew I wanted to create a bright space, so I decided to paint the walls white, but then I had an idea to add just a little something to the wall, to create an inviting feel with character.
Board and Batten from floor to ceiling seemed like the best option to add character to this space. Fist we started with a simple plywood 1x4 and added that to the bottom base of the wall. If you have existing molding be sure to remove this first.
Time: 1 Days Cost: $60 Difficulty: Easy
Here is the before of the room. It was a shade of blue, and needed a little something to create more of that farmhouse style I was going for. I decided to go with a floor to ceiling board and batten to not only create character to the new white wall, but to also create drama with height to the space. Having 8ft ceiling sometimes can make a room feel smaller, so I am always trying to create height in a space as well.
Start by removing existing molding and adding a 1x4 to the bottom of the wall. You can also add a molding to the top of the wall, but I chose not too, to not box off the space too much. Once again trying to create height to the space. Next, cut wood to height. Space each one out approximately 16" or to which you prefer.
Nail Each piece into wall. After be sure to caulk the seams where there are gaps and then finish with paint. It's a simple way to create that farmhouse character to a room without a complicated process or breaking the bank.
And this is the space with the new bedding. What a drastic difference from the blue walls, to the white floor to ceiling board and batten.
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Materials used for this project:

  • Plywood planks
  • Nail Gun

To see more: http://seekinglavenderlane.com/blue-pintuck-bedding/

  • Eroque022810
    on Apr 27, 2017

    I love batten board. The room looks fresh and clean. I wouldn't have changed light fixture with the one you have now and I think that you can further enhance the room with a more vintage style by changing out the fabric currently used on headboard. Just my opinion.

    • Deb Foglia
      Deb Foglia Farmingdale, NJ
      on May 1, 2017

      Thanks for your opinion! I love my new light fixture so it brought the perfect finishing touch to the space.

  • Spearfam8
    on Apr 27, 2017

    Very simple, yet dynamic improvement on your them. I disagree with Eroque022810, you can never have too many chandelier fixtures!

    • Deb Foglia
      Deb Foglia Farmingdale, NJ
      on May 1, 2017

      Thanks so much, totally agree...loving the new light

  • Denise Elkins
    Denise Elkins Manassas, VA
    on Apr 30, 2017

    Really a fresh new look- thanks for sharing !

  • Karencrutch
    on Apr 30, 2017

    Very nice! If you have more of your blue wall paint you could always paint your ceilings (because I'm sure you need more projects  ). We went with white in our master, then added a blue ceiling...love it!

  • Mary Bergman
    Mary Bergman Brunswick, OH
    on Apr 30, 2017

    nice simple changes...tho the former blue was nice...this looks classic...that bedding was the icing. Love it.

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