Asked on Apr 27, 2017

How can I repair the veneer on my front door that has lifted in strips

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  • Judy Ferrell
    on Apr 27, 2017

    Use a paint brush and wood glue. Use low tack tape to hold veneer tight while it dries.
  • C.B.
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Great suggestion there Judy! But go one step further; your door is suffering due to high moisture & or heat [from the sun] to help combat that & cover the problem...attach a 'door-kick panel' to the base of the door. You can get them at the hardware store in colors or types of metal & are super easy to attach!
  • Goldrushgal
    on Apr 30, 2017

    you can also fill any missing strips of veneer with wood putty and sand when dry before giving door a fresh coat of paint.
  • Sharon
    on May 3, 2017

    I used marine epoxy to repair mine and it lasted for years. Just be careful nothing drips down, shove some plastic or cardboard under the door till it sets . I used a putty knife to apply.
    I recently had a new solid mahagony door that I got from Habitat for Humanity Restore for $99 bucks and it was brand new. They had some great doors, and when I was in there yesterday they had a load of stain glass side lights. Unfortunately my door is beside closet and built-in bookcase.
  • Marion Nesbitt
    on May 16, 2017

    Why not just remove it all, and paint?

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