Asked on Apr 28, 2017

Any ideas to remove stickers from my refrigerator?

Carmel M OoiEstherN.c10576362


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  • Sarune
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Try covering it with warm water with some dish soap in it (use sponge to apply). Keep it moist for 30 mins and then try to remove sticker. If there is still some residue left, apply some nail polish remover and swipe off. That's what I do to remove labels from jars and it always works!
  • John Grimley
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Be careful with the nail polish remover, the acetone won't agree with the paint!
    Furniture polish or WD40 works well for stickers.
  • Heathergriffiths
    on Apr 28, 2017

  • One8414992
    on Apr 28, 2017

    go be gone and a razor blade....

  • One8414992
    on Apr 28, 2017

    goo be gone!

  • Melody
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Avon Skin So Soft is really good for removing the glue residue, and smells wonderful.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 28, 2017

    WD 4o or goof-off
  • John Jones
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Rub washingup liquid in them leave to soak in then was with warm water.
  • Teri
    on Apr 28, 2017

    smear peanut butter on it and continue rubbing until it comes off.
  • Gregg
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Hairdryer works great to remove stickers. If there is any sticky residue left, WD-40, or baby oil works well.
    • MelanieF
      on Apr 28, 2017

      Yes to the hair dryer, especially if the stickers have been on there a long time.
  • Sonja Riviers
    on Apr 28, 2017

    I agree with the WD40. It works wonders.
  • Ros7550263
    on Apr 28, 2017

    You may have mayo in it and that will rub it off. Or you can try baby oil. I'm suggesting things that work and you don't have to run out and get.
  • Laura Pidduck-Zappetti
    on Apr 28, 2017

    WD40 works wonders! also I have found that some sticky stuff like that will also come off with a magic eraser
  • Deb5978367
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Mr. Clean eraser sponges.
  • Kha5844873
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Take the top layer of sticker off and then rub coconut oil on it. Leave oil on for a little bit and rub rest of sticker off. Clean coconut oil off using water and dawn dishwashing soap.
  • Jerseygal
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Wow..Looks like WD 40 wins the day. BUT POSSIBLY some sort of Spray and Wash? I remember years ago, using the AMWAY product called ? (spray & wash?) I do remember it taking off a sticker on a door very easily...Though, I can't speak for any other spray and wash..Worth a try if you have it on hand.
  • N.c10576362
    on Apr 30, 2017

    Using a heavy towel to avoid burning your finger... ball towel , dip in very hot water hold it on top of the sticker. This loosen the glue and may peel off without having to scrap. Repeat first steps until happy.
  • Esther
    on May 2, 2017

    Thanks everyone ! Living in France there are some product that we don't have (wd40 or goo be gone).
    Anyway, I followed Sarune's advice : using warm water and a sponge. It worked pretty well.
  • Carmel M Ooi
    on May 6, 2017

    Goo Gone is really good for this type of problem. Wet a cotton wool ball with the Goo Gone, rub over the sticker. If it doesn't come off straight away, apply more Goo Gone and leave it on the sticker for a while. Hope it helps you.
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