Asked on Apr 28, 2017

Why does some one in the city have great tomatoes and in the out skirt

Janet PizaroElizabeth Michels PinizzottoBarbara Lynn Vaughan


you don't
3 answers
  • Barbara Lynn Vaughan
    on Apr 28, 2017

    bees. There aren't as many bees in the city and they are needed for pollination. Also, sun might have a lot to do with it, too.
  • I believe it falls under "What the hell?" There could be a many factors like the kind of soil, the amount of light, that city water.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 28, 2017

    What kind of tomatoes were planted? How much water and sunlight are they receiving? Was any soil amending done? Were you crops rotated? Many questions before any on could possibly answer.
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