Asked on Apr 28, 2017

What is the best way to clean mini blinds?

KimWilliamAnn Crotts


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  • Gregg
    on Apr 28, 2017

    If you can take them down, the bathtub works great. Just use whichever soap would work best for the type of dirt is on them. Depending on how dirty they are, you may need to let them soak awhile. If they are just Dusty, and you don't want to take them down, try a small dry paint brush, working from the top downward.
  • Dana Baier
    on Apr 28, 2017

    I've always washed mine in the bathtub! Fill with warm water & vinegar, place mni blinds in carefully & let soak for about an hour. If you have a shower attachment in the tub you can use it to rinse the blinds off for any stubborn dirt! I then drain the tub & place the blinds on a towel to dry & then re hang!
  • Ann Crotts
    on Apr 29, 2017

    I wash mine in the shower. I bought S hooks and hang them over the shower curtain rod which I push to the back of the shower. I hang the blinds on the S hooks, hose them down with the shower hose and let them hang to dry. Easy & gets them clean.
  • William
    on Apr 29, 2017

    I hang mine in the shower. Hose them down with the hand held shower head to wet them. Spray them down with a mixture of 1/3 vinegar, a water, and a few squirts of Dawn dish liquid. I use a synthetic feather duster and scrub them with it. Rinse with the hand held shower head and let them drip dry. Soaking them may affect the string or mechanism.
  • Kim
    on May 4, 2017

    if they are the cheap ones throw them away and go buy more
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