I purchased a motorhome that used to be a duplex Want

q i purchased a motorhome that used to be a duplex want
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  • Lily Schlender Lily Schlender on Apr 29, 2017
    Why don't you invest in taking the door out completely? You could sell the door. It looks like a good door. This would finish the room on the inside. If you put plants there you are inviting moisture, mold issues, bugs and constant upkeep. Use that space for a window (upper part). Fill in the lower part to match brick. If that's not available use some type of siding. Then use that area for a nice seating area. Chairs and table, glider or swing. If that door is solid wood i would strip off the paint stain and seal it. Remove the dowels on the glass an put a decorative film on it. You have a diamond in the rough there.
  • Marge Marge on Apr 29, 2017
    My neighbor in mobile home park has two doors...you never know which one IS the FRONT door....I'll pass on to her. Great look! In summer, you can hang flowers on trellis and totally hide door, perhaps?
  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Apr 29, 2017
    I am sorry. A moter home that used to be a duplex and it seems you didn't finish the sentence with the Want...
    If you can explain I am sure I can come up with some ideas.
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    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Apr 29, 2017
      Okay. Perhaps it was a typo. Anyway, here is what I would do.
      You could cover the door with faux bricks to match the siding, paint it to coordinate with the other door, or board it up from the inside and eliminate the door all together. I can see this would be confusing. Can you hang some plant hooks from it and make it look like something that is suppose to be there...except for it being a door? I hope this helps. Sandi
  • Sam Sam on Apr 29, 2017
    still not clear on what you are saying or trying to do.
    how can a motor home be a duplex? or a duplex be a motor home and
    what are these two doors attached to? a building or a mobile home?

    get a better picture of what you are talking about, write out a complete sentence and maybe you might get some good answers! good luck.!
    • Judy Judy on Apr 29, 2017
      It has been cleared up but you must have missed later comments. Received a solution that was just what I was looking for.
  • Kim Kim on May 02, 2017
    Not to get anything started but it doesn't seem necessary to point out someone's mistakes. Does it really matter if it was a motor home or duplex? The issue was that she had two doors that she was looking for suggestions for changing. If you don't understand the the request or have a helpful hint just scroll on by because there are other creative readers who do.
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