Asked on Apr 29, 2017

With Calgarys' short growing season how soon before we can plant

Catherine BrownlieElaine


2 answers
  • Elaine
    on Apr 29, 2017

    As soon as all danger of frost is gone is the time to plant annuals. The past few Winters here (southern Ontario) have been extremely mild but temperatures can still fluctuate - all it takes is one frosty night to kill the pretty annuals you might have planted. The rule of thumb (here) used to be "plant after the Victoria day weekend" (approx. May 21) but as I said, due to our milder Winters, many are now ignoring that rule. Since I don't live in Calgary, I would ask at your local garden centre. If there are some plants that you really want and are concerned they may be all sold out before you can plant, if you have a garage, buy whatever it is you want and store in the garage at night (in case of an overnight frost) then bring out during the day for needed sunshine and warmth.
  • Catherine Brownlie
    on Apr 30, 2017

    Thanks Elaine I do have a garage so will try that.
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