Asked on Apr 29, 2017

What can you use for topsoil if you don't have good topsoil?

Nancy TurnerJanet PizaroFL


Have a place in Arizona and all we basically have is sand. Need to know what to do to be able to have a garden there.
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  • My suggestion would be to work in sections and buy topsoil in bags from a garden center or buy in bulk (cheaper), and have a truckload delivered. First, I would come up with a landscape plan or blueprint. Decide on plants and placement, then start with amending existing soil. Contact your County extension as they will be able to help with plant selection. Google and see if there are any free or low cost landscape designers in your area too.
  • FL
    on Apr 29, 2017

    If you want to change the soil, you need to augment what is in the ground now. Especially when people have clay or sandy soil they need to add other ingredients. Something organic like manure, peat moss or compost (or all 3). Some bags of topsoil. You can work all of this into the soil by hand or with a rototiller. Add more material until you get a dark soil that absorbs water and holds its shape when you grab a handful. OR like the previous Hometalker advised, get a truckload of topsoil. Easy peasy although it would still have to be in a raised bed or worked into the soil you have. Have fun!
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 30, 2017

    You need to use Ultra light top soil ,peat moss,lime,Composted manure,and peat moss. The garden should be tiled first. add your amendments,however you will have to wait until the amendments take, So in the mean time opt to plant in containers.
  • Nancy Turner
    on Apr 30, 2017

    I agree with all the above suggestions. Decide where you want to plant first and what size. Work on small areas at a time if you have too until you get the area you want. If you are wanting to have separate areas with landscaping around them, you can do one at a time until you achieve the look you want.
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