Asked on Apr 29, 2017

How can I keep rabbits and squirrels from eating my yard plants?

C.B.Lynn ConwayElaine


I've tried chicken wire but it doesn't deter them. I have two dogs, so I need an idea that won't harm my pets. Also, I buy "animal resistant" plants, but it doesn't help.
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  • Connie
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Some ideas: sonar repellers that stick in the ground. Mix up a deterrent hot pepper spray or something with essential oils. Have an outdoors cat. keep the dogs outdoors often in the area to scare them away.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Make a spray with citrus oils and apply citrus peels and put plastic forks in the garden prong side up for the rabbits.For the squoirrels,apply blood meal,or make a spry with hot pepper and garlic.
  • Elaine
    on May 2, 2017

    If you have bulbs that the critters are gobbling up, I do know squirrels dislike daffodils. Therefore, if you have tulips, plant some daffodils amongst them then when the squirrels get a (nasty surprise) taste of a daffodil (expecting a yummy tulip), they MIGHT just move on to someone else's garden. I did say "might"!!

    Did you try laying down some fine steel mesh an inch below the soil level? When they go to dig up a bulb, they won't be too happy coming across screening material in their way.
  • Lynn Conway
    on May 3, 2017

    Good suggestions, I will try them. Thank you!
  • C.B.
    on May 3, 2017

    My suggestion: Use powdered Coyote Urine, sprinkle it around the areas needed; the odor deters the entry of several species of animals including deer. You can sprinkle it along you fence lines/yard boarders as well.
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