Miniature container garden- Do I need drainage?

should i use something for drainage or can i just fill my container with potting soil?
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  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Apr 29, 2017
    Always put something in the bottom for drainage, it is best to drill holes if possible. Plants will rot if they have soggy feet all the time. I found another hint with pots, skip a day once a week from watering. Not sure why it works it just did.
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    • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Apr 29, 2017
      Since it is concrete you can use those packing peanuts or water bottles or stones. But depending if you will need to lift it you want to keep it light. The peanuts work great, it is what I generally always use since I move my containers around.
  • Elaine Elaine on Apr 29, 2017
    What kind of container are you using? Is it a dish (glass or ceramic) that has no drainage holes. If "yes", put a layer of stones in the bottom for drainage, otherwise, roots can sit in water and develop root rot. If it's a terrarium type of idea you are planning, go on Google or Pinterest and there's lots of info. With a terrarium, because the vessel has deep sides (as a rule) air movement is lessened and mildew can form so in this case, adding some charcoal to the container is adviseable.
    • Jessica Giza Jessica Giza on Apr 29, 2017
      thanks for the advice. it is a solid concrete container in the shape of an old log. my daughter bought some miniatures to fill it with. i will google terrarium planters for some pointers.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 29, 2017
    Container planters must have drainage holes.Do not add rocks as that creates rot.
    • Jessica Giza Jessica Giza on Apr 29, 2017
      this is a concrete planter. it is solid. drainage holes are not an option, thats why I was thinking pebbles or aquarium gravel or something.