Asked on Apr 29, 2017

How can I prevent frosting from pulling off the top layer of a cake?

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  • Patti Clemmer Bridges
    on Apr 29, 2017

    put it in the microwave for a few sec, make it softer to spread
  • Dee Kelnhofer
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Let the cake cool completely. You may even want to stick it in the fridge for a bit. Then, do a very thin "crumb layer" of icing. Let that sit for a few minutes in the fridge and then proceed with frosting the cake. :)
  • FL
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Do you mean while you are applying the frosting? If so, then plop frosting in the center of the top layer and gently work it out to the edges. Always use a light touch. If you mean it slips off the cake while cutting slices, make sure your cake is at room temperature and it shouldn't separate.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 29, 2017

    The cake has to be completely cooled,
  • Elaine
    on Apr 29, 2017

    Dee of Georgia is right (if that is your question) and also Ficher Luce of California. Both are good tips. If you are meaning how to keep it on while transporting the cake, stick some toothpicks in the top of the cake then drape the clingwrap on top. Some women place mini marshmallows on the tips of the picks so they don't pierce the wrap.
  • Katherine Anne
    on Apr 30, 2017

    Absolutely be certain that your cake and your frosting is room temperature that should allow for is in spreadability without taking the top of your cake off your cake once you start spreading the frosting with a knife. The other thing that will help is to have a cup of, room temperature water, and every once in awhile... you can dip the knife in the water. This allow the icing to spread smoothly... without any hiccups along the way.
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