The Address numbers on my mailbox keep peeling off!

Bought a mail box at Lowe's and it PVC. Bought self adhesive numbers. Put they keep peeling off. I have to have numbers on both sides. Looking for inexpensive fix.
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  • Not sure what your question is.
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    • Oh, I didn't see that when I first looked! I have not had issues with sticky numbers and I live in PA. There are inexpensive "plaques" that can be attached to the mailbox and then the numbers slide into the plaque. My neighbors found one that is solar lighted. Check Amazon for a wide range try typing "house number plaques" or "house numbers for mailbox"
  • Sharon Susa Courchesne Sharon Susa Courchesne on May 01, 2017
    Maybe clear duct tape or gorilla or crazy glue? You could always ask at Lowe's.
  • Dee Dee Dee Dee on May 01, 2017
    Did you try roughing it up a little where the numbers are to be placed. Give it some tooth to stick to.

  • Serai Serai on May 01, 2017
    Any clear adhesive will help keep them from peeling. Over time the elements will continue to do the same thing though. You can cover the mailbox in a waterproof clear coat to help as well.
  • Mary Mary on May 01, 2017
  • Brenda Brenda on May 01, 2017
    Make sure surface is very dry then attach with superglue
  • Laurie Grant Laurie Grant on May 01, 2017
    You could paint the numbers on i would make a stenci out of paper and spray paint away
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